• Badaboomer7

    Ben 10

    October 7, 2012 by Badaboomer7

    Who else is a fan of Ben 10? If you are, who is your favorite alien?

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  • Artemis Thorson

    If the Young Justice team had to fight the tnire Marvel universe one by one, who do you think would be the best battles?

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  • Gwen Stacy-Parker

    Gay Characters

    October 7, 2012 by Gwen Stacy-Parker

    If you could pick one major hero to come out of the closet, who would it be?

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  • Artemis Thorson

    Taking Over

    October 6, 2012 by Artemis Thorson

    Ultimate Heatblast has confided in me most of his ideas and the rights to the site. I will be taking over his unfinished projects such as Co-Existence and making ones in the future.

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  • CaptainJdawg

    Im new

    September 29, 2012 by CaptainJdawg

    Hey im new here so go easy on me I am an admin but mainly I just fix things for heatblast on the site.

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  • Ultimate Heatblast

    Who do you think would win in a battle against Iron Man's Exiles and the Amazing Exiles

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  • BistyC27


    June 17, 2012 by BistyC27

    Hello everyone welcome to my first blog. Name's Roxanne.


    1: Evil is everywhere

    2:Evil is your enemy

    3:Evil sucks

    Superheros all over fight to keep us safe but what would happen if evil one?

    I think they would take over the world and we would all be doomed. Superheros are great,even if they break part of your body. They save us from the bad things that are out to get us. That bad thing is called EVIL. Good Luck being safe.

    Let a comment down below telling me what is evil in your life.

    And don't forget to join chat, to chat with me.


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  • Ultimate Heatblast

    What If?

    June 16, 2012 by Ultimate Heatblast

    In this blog you can historical Marvel events and ask 'What If?' and ask what would have happened if it went differently. Any other user can post what they think would have happened.

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  • Ultimate Heatblast

    Who is your favorite character?

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  • Ultimate Heatblast

    I think we should make an alternate X-Men Evolution. We already have Shadowcat so we could add more X-Men Evolution characters in her reality. Comments?

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